Our Directors & Founders

Dilip Kushwaha

Director & HoD English

A name of high profile and renow ned in the field of English
language. Mr. Dilip Kushwaha is also providing services since lastdastak team2
one and a half decade with excellent performance. Words are
less to describe a personality like Mr. Dilip Kushwaha. His
performance grows with leaps and bounce. A difficult subject
for the students of northern India seems to be easy and smooth
going with Mr. Dilip Kushwaha. His way of teaching English
Language is appreciated time to time and continuous hard work
made him the best teacher of northern India in the field of
grammer and English Language. He is also an author of English
books which are of immense use in competitive exams. He is
also running a publication house.

Ravi Sinha

Director & HoD Economics

In our day-to-day life as economics plays vital role similarly teaching of Mr. Ravi Sinha produces fruitful results in our past. He is providing his services since last one and a half decade. His popularity is because he simplifies complex  concepts within seconds and help students to understand economics very easily.

Pradeep Rai

Director & HoD Reasoning

A person of high dignity and of immense experience. He is a master in the field of reasoning. He is the most experienced teacher having an experience of more than 20 years and teaches more than 1 lakh students until now  (2016). The pattern of teaching reasoning of Mr. Pradeep Rai is excellent.  He is providing his valuable services since last two decades.

Mukesh Baranwal

Director & HoD History

A name much familiar among students and a person of highdastak team1
thoughts. Mr. Mukesh Baranwal is providing services since last
one and a half decade and in the mean time he proved himself
to be a jewel for our institute. He is a laborious teacher and
having an excellent command over his subject. He teaches
history in so interesting way that students easily grasp the
complex concepts with ease. He is also an author of book of
Indian History which is very useful for various competitive
exams for prelims and mains point of view. His methodology of
teaching is simple and his unique quality is to use simple codes
for learning difficult concepts and facts.

Er. Mohd. Nasim Siddiqui

Director & HoD Mathematics

A person with equivalent and command on two subjects-Mathematics and Geography. Er. Mohd Nasim Siddiqui is  well known personality of Allahabad not only in context with his subject but famous for various social work in our society. His methodology of teaching mathematics as well as geography is unique and that is why he is known to be  the best teacher of Northern India. He is also well known author of competitive examinations books of almost all subjects. He also runs a publication house. He is providing his services since last one and a half decades and holds a  record of teaching more than 2.5 lakh students until now. Among them various students are selected in competitive  exams and providing their services in different region of our country as well as abroad.